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A group of my project named Digimonified. Pokémon are simply redrawn to fit into the digimon universe. I will upload my art from it here with both the designs and even pictures of them like battling each other in the future perhaps. In case someone draws something from this project, I'll have a folder open for that.

I might do contests there you simply draw any of the created ones, and the price is simply a free commission of any pokémon line of choice.

I will draw them in dex order, and for now only gen 1 is planned. However I do commissions there you simply can commission any pokémon from any generation. I will do some personal ones as well from different generations and are either favorite pokémon or pokémon I think look interesting to digimonify.
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Jul 12, 2014


Group Focus
Art Creation

39 Members
124 Watchers
5,726 Pageviews
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Gallery Folders

Digimonified - The starters by Shoyu-Rai
Gen 1
Digimonified: 083 by Shoyu-Rai
Digimonified: 019, 020 by Shoyu-Rai
Digimonified: 016, 017, 018 by Shoyu-Rai
Digimonified: 013, 014, 015 by Shoyu-Rai
Gen 2
Digimonified: 246, 247, 248 by Shoyu-Rai
Digimonified: 203 by Shoyu-Rai
Gen 3
Gen 4
Digimonified: 447, 448 by Shoyu-Rai
Digimonified: 434, 435 by Shoyu-Rai
Gen 5
Gen 6
Contributed art


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Digimonified Status

Gen 1: 21/151
Gen 2: 2/100
Gen 3: 0/135
Gen 4: 2/107
Gen 5: 0/156
Gen 6: 0/70


Dex order:
-Spearow line

-Currently none

-Skrelp line
Simple Basic stage - $10 * (Example Kecleon)
Complex Basic stage - $15 (Example Skarmory)
Basic + Mega - $17 (Example Sableye + Mega Sableye)
Basic + Stage 1 - $20 * (Example Cubone + Marowak)
Basic + Stage 1 + Mega - $25 (Example Shuppet + Banette + Mega Banette)
Basic + Stage 1 + Stage 2 - $27 (Example Mudkip + Marshtomp + Swampert)
Basic + Stage 1 + Stage 2 + Mega - $37 (Example Torchic + Combusken + Blaziken + Mega Blaziken)
Small legendaries - $10 (Example Mew)
Large Legendaries - $20 ($30 if having mega, $35 for mewtwo for having two) (Example Mewtwo)
*If it have a baby pokemon in the line, it will cost $5 extra
Legendary trio - $30

If you commission the Eevee line, it will cost - $60

Some stuff to know:
-Remember that I stand fully for the designs, as it's my project.
-You must commission for a full line, and NOT a single pokémon who's a part of a line for example: You can commission the pidgey-line, but not only pidgey or any of its line alone. Reason is that I want to submit complete lines.
- As pokémon megas are existing now, they go by the same rues as being a must to include in a line.
- To see if your pokémon of choice isn't commissioned already, do check the "upcoming" tab there I list commissioned pokémon.
- I only take paypal, and not points.

Pokemon stages in digimon stages:
Baby - In-training or Rookie
Basic - Rookie or Champion
Stage 1 - Champion or Ultimate
Stage 2 - Ultimate
Mega pokémon - Mega, Ultimate or mode
Legendaries - Mega or Ultimate

Send me a note if interested, and if you have any questions, do not hesitate to ask!
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